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Songs for Sound Hearing Health Tour Teams Up with Cochlear Americas to Serve Vermont VA Clinics, Veterans and Communities to help Everyone Hear the Music

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To date, the Songs for Sound charity has helped over 31,000 people nationwide hear again through state-of-the-art DIY hearing screenings aboard its mobile hearing experience. Songs for Sound also offers a Care Team of guides who provide support with next steps for untreated hearing loss. The beauty of this mission is it is rooted in a heartwarming story and a passion to help people living with untreated hearing loss. 

Vermont (Oct 31, 2023) - Nashville based 501c3 charity Songs for Sound is hitting the road for its 8th annual tour, headed across the United States, serving VA clinics in Bennington, Burlington and White River Junction, Vermont. This tour is made possible due to the support from Cochlear Americas, a leader in hearing device implants that help to restore hearing and connect people to a world of sound, The Academy of Country Music (ACM) Lifting Lives Foundation, The Boedecker Foundation and The Sertoma Club of Nashville. 

Monday, Oct 30th: Bennington VA Clinic, 12-6 pm

186 North Street Bennington, VT 05201-1874

Tuesday, Oct 31st: White River Junction VA Clinic, 10-2 pm

163 Veterans Drive. White River Junction, VT 05001

Wednesday, Nov 1st: Burlington VA Clinic, 10-2 pm

129 Lakeside Ave #260, Burlington, VT 05401

The Songs for Sound Hear the Music Tour provides free hearing screenings via a state-of-the-art DIY software which is taken aboard its mobile experience. A Songs for Sound representative will also be available to guide anyone needing support with next steps, and the charity’s Care Team of hearing health advocates are an optional service after the event for those wanting to take next steps locally. The guides help to identify coverage in health insurance and break down existing barriers on the journey to hear.

73% of those served through the Songs for Sound Tour report they knew they may have had a decline in hearing, but didn’t know what to do to get help. 

The tour will also host free events for veteran non-profits, senior living communities and large community events throughout 13 states through December 2023. The tour calendar can be accessed here with events added daily. In 2024, with proper funding, Songs for Sound hopes to resume normal touring. This includes visiting a region (state or states) for 30-45 days allowing for planting deeper roots and better increasing hearing loss awareness. 

Since 2015, Songs for Sound has hosted over 925 free hearing screening events, served over 700 community partners and screened more than 31,000 people. With the addition of a partnership with LexCare Hearing, Songs for Sound now offers a free online screening program towards its mission to help 1 million people by 2025. Songs for Sound has served thousands of veterans at events such as The American Legion National Convention, VFW National Convention and Air Shows nationwide.

"Hearing loss purpose is deeply personal for me," said Songs for Sound founder and CEO, Jaime Motes. Jaime’s daughter, Lexi, was not given a newborn hearing screening. Jaime continually received incorrect information and a “let’s wait” reaction when asking for answers as to why Lexi wasn’t saying first words nor reacting to sounds. After Jaime pushed through barriers, Lexi was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf at 14 months of age. Lexi was soon implanted bilaterally with cochlear implants. “The day she was diagnosed, it hit me. She never heard my lullaby. All the nights when I sang to her and she squirmed, turned and cried. She wouldn’t connect with me. I was healing from the loss of my mom’s passing and all I wanted was to connect with my baby girl. But she never heard me. She never ‘heard the music’,” shares Jaime.

“The very first day Lexi’s cochlear implants were turned on (activated) Lexi heard birds chirping. She could finally hear my lullabies and music, a gift everyone deserves. Lexi learned to communicate and use spoken language and now lives a mainstream life.”

Vernon notes that results from the tour show that 85% of senior veterans, 65% of all-age veterans and 65% of seniors have some level of hearing loss. 20% of children have some level of hearing loss, a statistic that is increasing due to overuse of ear buds and loud music. “Our mission is to use Lexi’s story to offer hope to serve everyone living with untreated hearing loss, meet them on their journey and guide them to the care they deserve. We also generate awareness for keeping your hearing healthy. We provide everything we didn’t have. My vision is that no one ever goes without the ability to connect with the world around them and that they can always hear the music.” 

Jaime’s daughter, Lexi, is now 15 and a top ranked softball pitcher in the country for the class of 2026. You can learn more about her story HERE

Songs for Sound must garner support for such a massive mission and is very grateful for supporters, Cochlear Americas, ACM Lifting Lives Foundation and NC Relay, Captel North Carolina. These organizations are making this mission possible and they all share a passion for helping people communicate:

"As a state program, Vermont Relay service is on a mission to be the best at connecting our customers to their world. Our accessible communication solutions help us support all our customers, and we are proud to help bridge the communication gap for people with disabilities." ~Jacque Lee, Director, Industry Segments and Accessibility Team.

Undiagnosed hearing loss can advance aging diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. It can create joblessness and loss of wages. In children, untreated hearing loss can lead to literacy delays and feelings of social isolation. In veterans, nearly 50% of those diagnosed with hearing loss also had depression. Therefore, we are excited to serve communities and people all across the U.S. and beyond to #HearTheMusic.

To learn more, donate, become a sponsor or take an online hearing screening, visit 

About Songs for Sound 

Songs for Sound uses a passionate and compelling story about hearing loss & music to create awareness, increase access and encourage action around untreated hearing loss. SFS aims to give HOPE to 1,000,000 people by 2025 by connecting them to life-changing hearing health resources.

Press Contact: 

Songs for Sound

Jaime Motes, Spokesperson/Founder/CEO