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One Million Ears Challenge

Join us on a mission to give 1 MILLION free hearing screenings.

Hearing loss affects 470 MILLION people worldwide; in the U.S. it affects 48 million adults and 32 million children. When you take your screening, you're joining our movement to change the world by providing awareness, access and increase education about the devastating affects of hearing loss when left untreated.

We've teamed up with LexCare Hearing to offer a free hearing health platform. When you participate, Lexcare gives back to Songs for Sound's humanitarian efforts and outreach.

Learn more about your (your family's) hearing level, receive a free lifetime dashboard to monitor your hearing.

You can:

  • Connect with a Care Team Guide/Advocate
  • Connect to reputable audiologists and clinics
  • Connect to virtual/telehealth solutions
  • Access to affordable hearing products

Our screening process is personal and designed to help you build a personalized profile and get help your way, at your pace, with you in mind.