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Hearoes Program and Hearoes Tour

Our Hearoes Tour and program tours VA clinics, veterans organizations and events to shed a light on hearing loss in veterans. We have served thousands of veterans providing free hearing screenings and resources to help move them into audiology and technology that change lives. 

Our results show 85% of senior veterans have some level of hearing loss.

65% of all age veterans have some level of hearing loss. 

42% report they don't believe in hearing solutions. 

Untreated hearing loss can lead to joblessness, loss of wages, depression and cognitive decline. 

We tour through heavily populated veteran communities and organizations to increase awareness, give free hearing screenings and share our story and mission. This approach allows us to break down barriers and walls, decrease stigmas and provide guidance through our Care Team.

We listen, care and create tailor-fit plans for each veteran at their pace. But it all begins with a mission. Our veterans believe in missions. They want to be a part of a mission and they deserve our support. 

If you're a VA clinic, veteran organization or have a large population of veterans at your organization, please email Jaime Motes a stop by our Hearoes Tour to give back the gift of hearing to those who have given up so much.