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Why Become a Hear the Music Tour Exhibitor?

Based on your budget, we create a customized package to meet your branding, on-site activation and hospitality objectives while you support a charity focused on changing the world. Many organizations will benefit from our massive outreach platform while also feeling good that their dollars are changing the world.

Our Hear the Music Project has tested over 31,000 people for free to date; reaching nearly 250 million in total impressions; unique face-to-face interactions, a full hearing health profile including screening/affordability and desired outcomes on every individual; our Care Team connects people to resources that change lives; Hope Programs connect and support people with hearing technology for a lifetime; our Hear the Music International Missions is working hard to develop plans of action in Jamaica which will have long-term effects on a real issue of untreated hearing loss/deafness in a country which is 80% UNEMPLOYED...we tackle poverty combined with disability; finally, our Hearoes program is an off-shoot of our Hear the Music Project, but specifically designed to help Veterans and Military navigate the issue of healthy hearing after combat and service. 

When sponsoring our charity, you not only gain access to the massive experiential/health tour of the Hear the Music Project, but you also gain access to our other programs, volunteer opportunities for your staff, mission trips and knowing you are doing the right thing. 

Your organization benefits from marketing assets such as:

  • Vehicle branding - a coast to coast moving billboard
  • Direct-to-consumer outreach
  • Customer Intake Surveys
  • Customer Appreciation Dashboards
  • Routing influence
  • Co-branded hearing protection
  • Co-branded t-shirts
  • Branded deliverables at all events
  • Press release inclusions
  • Social Media inclusions
  • On-site for staff/volunteers
  • All-inclusive access & tables for your clients/employees at our annual gala
  • Gobo branding at our annual gala
  • Signage
  • much more....

Most rural communities have poor healthcare and the lack of access to hearing healthcare is devastating and unacceptable. Your investment supports our Hear the Music mobile clinic so we can serve and protect those struggling with hearing loss. We host major events that have a minimum audience of 25,000 to over 1 million in attendance. Secondary routing includes stops at rural schools, clinics, health clubs, senior citizen & youth centers, retail and more.

If you believe you are a good fit for Songs for Sound, please e-mail Jaime Vernon at