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Hope Lifetime Programs

Hope Lifetime Programs

Our founder, Jaime Motes, was struck by a profound moment shared with her daughter, Lexi.

Jaime: "Lexi, I noticed at our gala last night, when you were around Deuce, Lexi, and Charlotte—other young people with hearing aids and cochlear implants—you were more confident when you spoke about your hearing loss and cochlear implants."

Lexi: "When I'm with people my age that are like me, I feel free."

That single sentence planted a seed in Jaime, one that has blossomed into comprehensive programs catering to all people living with hearing technology.

Our Hope Lifetime Programs, inspired by our late board member John Hardaway, himself a cochlear implant recipient, are currently in the planning stages. These programs, alongside our (Hardaway's) Hope House initiative, will:

  • Cater to specific age groups (K-5, middle school, high school, college/young adults).
  • Offer educational and social gatherings featuring guest speakers—experts or fellow recipients—to impart lifetime skills for success with hearing technology. These gatherings will also foster peer-to-peer support, enhancing confidence and success among individuals with hearing devices.
  • Cover a range of topics including advocating with teachers (for school-age groups), financial strategies for managing devices (for young adults), and transitioning into college, trade school, or a career after high school with hearing loss (for high school students), among others.

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