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Hope Lifetime Programs

Hope Lifetime Programs

In 2022, founder, Jaime Motes, was taken back by something her daughter, Lexi, said. 

Jaime: "Lexi, I noticed at our gala last night, when you were around Deuce, Lexi and Charlotte (other young people with hearing aids and cochlear implants), you were more confident when you spoke about your hearing loss and cochlear implants."

Lexi: "When I'm with people my age that are like me, I feel free."

That one sentence planted a seed in Jaime that is growing into programs for all ages. 

Our Hope Lifetime Programs are being planned along with our Hope House inspired by our late board member, John Hardaway, also a cochlear implant recipient. The programs and "gatherings" will:

  • focus on groups by age (K-5, middle school, high school, college/young adults)
  • provide both educational and social gatherings: each gathering will have a guest speaker (expert or recipient) and help them develop lifetime skills for success with hearing technology AND have a social component so people with hearing devices can benefit from peer-to-peer groups for confidence and success.
  • topics will be:

advocating with a teacher (school-age groups)

financial strategies for managing devices (young adults)

transitioning into college, trade school or a career after high school with hearing loss (for high school students)

And much more! 

To get involved, donate a space for events or join a gathering, submit the form below!