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I got the Phonak Audeo 312 hearings aids and they are stunningly better than my last pair. The person who worked with me said the technology had improved exponentially in four years and she was right. Many thanks for your advice and counsel especially on the brand. – George  (Nashville veteran)


I want to thank you all for your work in making our event so successful. I’ve heard so much positive feedback and people really enjoyed the event.  Jaime and team, we consider it a privilege to work with you and we are grateful for the opportunity we have had to work to together.  -Matthew L. Bush, M.D., UK Medical Center


Thank you for the hearing test you gave me. I got in to see an audiologist at CHS in Chicago. They said I would benefit from the Phonak Cros system. I cannot wait to understand what people say to me! Thanks again for the test you gave me at the Chicago Air and Water Show. I wish there were more places that did this service for people with hearing loss and more insurances that would cover hearing aids.  -From a man who visited the Hear the Music Project in Chicago


I’ve been to every foundation and no one would help until Songs for Sound. -Hardy Mills IV. Hardy is a U.S. Marine Veteran & Purple Heart recipient. When he called Songs for Sound, he told me I’ve called every hearing charity in the country and someone JUST told me about Songs for Sound. You’re my last resort. I can’t afford the $4000 copay to buy my daughter the new cochlear implant processors (external part that sends sound into the implant.) Can you help me?


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