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our mission

Songs For Sound is a 501c3 charity founded on a heartwarming story & a passionate objective: to bridge the gap between “I think I have hearing loss” and quality hearing healthcare while increasing inclusion and opportunities for those with hearing loss and deafness.

Let love be our greatest aim.

1 Corinthians 14:1

  • FREE Hearing Screenings
    FREE Hearing Screenings


  • Free Hearing Screening Events
    Free Hearing Screening Events


  • HEAR THE MUSIC KIDS CAMP FAMILIES - no cost to them!
    HEAR THE MUSIC KIDS CAMP FAMILIES - no cost to them!


  • Veterans Served
    Veterans Served


News & Events

When it comes to saving our planet, small steps make a big impact. Every person can make an effort toward reducing their carbon footprint and living a more altruistic lifestyle for the world.

The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID) has found that most clubs in the UK have their music at around 92db rising to 110db on the dancefloor. The World Health Organization (WHO) has presented statistics that one in 10 people will have disabling hearing loss by 2050.

“ It is known that any exposure above 80db causes damage in just two hours. That time frame shortens to fifty minutes when we go up to 96db and for levels above 100db, the damage happens in just 15 minutes.”

It’s so important to HEAR during activities for safety and optimal performance. Being a deaf athlete with cochlear implants or hearing aids comes with enough challenges, much less trying to keep your hearing aids or cochlear implants on your head while participating in sports. Here’s one way girls can keep their “ears” on at all times!

Watch this video by our very own Lexi and founder/mom, Jaime Vernon, on braiding in your “ears”!