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our mission

Songs For Sound is a 501c3 charity founded on a heartwarming story & a passionate objective: to bridge the gap between “I think I have hearing loss” and quality hearing healthcare while increasing inclusion and opportunities for those with hearing loss and deafness.

Let love be our greatest aim.

1 Corinthians 14:1

  • FREE Hearing Screenings
    FREE Hearing Screenings


  • Free Hearing Screening Events
    Free Hearing Screening Events


  • HEAR THE MUSIC KIDS CAMP FAMILIES - no cost to them!
    HEAR THE MUSIC KIDS CAMP FAMILIES - no cost to them!


  • Veterans Served
    Veterans Served


News & Events

We get so many emails and phone calls asking for help with a child's hearing aids. Insurance often does not cover devices that help a child hear to learn speech, learn to read and communicate with the world around them. This is unacceptable. Many states are inching closer with mandatory "reimbursements". This reimbursement is a stipend to help pay for hearing aids. This article from our friends at ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) breaks it down state-by-state.

As one of Songs for Sound's new board members, Chris is challenging the traditional role. He uses his humor and intelligence to win a room over, while also being deeply passionate about the military and services provided.

Patients were 20–50 years old and had no prior medical history of hearing problems. “The results of the current study showed that Covid-19 infection had deleterious effects on the hair cells in the cochlea,” the Egypt study concluded.