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Meet the Founder


The day it all made sense.

In 2009, a working mother of two (Jacob & Lexi), Jaime took her daughter, Lexi, in for a full hearing test. After 13 months of bad information, misdiagnosis and all her suspicions being dismissed as “fine”, Jaime heard those fateful words, “Your child is deaf.” Within minutes, Jaime learned of the miracle surgery and devices "that can bring back sound to the deaf"...cochlear implants. Lexi had never heard her mother's voice, her lullabies. Lexi had never said a word.

Months later, Lexi was implanted bilaterally and Jaime watched her little girl hear for the first time. The first day she heard sound, Jaime recalls, "I took her back out on the back porch when we got home. She could hear birds chirping!"

Over the next month, Jaime would rock her every single night singing to Lexi. As she learned what sounds were each day, Jaime will never forget the day she laid her head on her shoulder to music. "It was like time stood still. I rocked her for over a year and she would squirm and turn, even cry. She couldn't hear me and I didn't know it. The first time her head slowly fell onto my shoulder was a moment I will never forget."

Jaime would pray and ask God for answers and guidance. "WHY? WHY? WHY?" But she couldn't help but be in awe of the miracle that was happening in front of her each and every day. Lexi was born deaf, but could hear and use spoken language.

Looking back on her life, she giggled a bit at the preparation for this mission and charity.

Jaime shares, "I was an activist by nature. In elementary school, I remember reading a magazine at the dentist. They asked children to raise money for kids with muscular dystrophy. I went home, gathered some of my friends and planned a carnival in my yard. We did a clown show, made a putt-putt game and I convinced McDonald's to donate a large cooler of their famous orange drink. I think two people came and we raised about $2.50, but it planted a seed inside of me to do more for less fortunate people. In middle school, I helped organize a sit-in when lunch prices were raised and some families couldn't afford it. Then, my senior year, we lost a teacher tragically. We were told we couldn't go to his funeral and still be able to play in our games. I helped organize a sit-in and was able to get the news there to cover it. You could say I was born for this (grin)."

When Lexi was diagnosed, Jaime was working in Development for Vanderbilt University. After two years of building Songs for Sound on nights and weekends, the Board of Directors asked Jaime to take on the charity full-time.


Jaime’s passion is to help everyone navigate their hearing health journey and reach their greatest potentials. Whether it’s a parent of a newly diagnosed child or a senior in search of affordable hearing aids, Jaime does whatever it takes to help people hear. Providing good information and support is very important to Jaime. 

Songs for Sound creates a tailored pathway to empower people to take control of their hearing health journey. We LISTEN, counsel and help people reach their fullest potentials by providing the best hearing resources and information and walking hand-in-hand with people. We clear out the clutter and find a personalized matches for audiology, devices and therapies based on the needs, wants and financial situation of every single person. Simply put: we listen, we become a friend, we love and we help.