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Why Should You Become a Sponsor?

  • Songs for Sound is rooted in empathy and story.
  • You are joining a mission that has generated over 250 million hearing health brand impressions.
  • Join a movement that changes the narrative that isn't working.  
  • Increase hearing health awareness on a macro & micro level.
  • Gain qualified leads via our hearing health profile 
  • Position yourself in your community as clinic/sponsor that cares.
  • Connect with your community.
  • Support a movement that changes lives
  • Strengthen existing customer relationships.
  • Organically grow your brand. 
  • Position yourself in the audiology community as a champion for change

Change happens through relationships and compassion. Those two things create change. We raise and increase CHAMPIONS, not customers.

Champions. Why? Because champions not only make introspective, life-changing decisions taking action around hearing health, but they also become cause ambassadors. 

Sponsor our hearing health tour, Metro Nashville School’s Screening Program, Hearoes for our Vets, Hope Programs or other programs because it not only creates a hearing health experience rather impressions with your champions. Results and lives changed.