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Songs For Sound is a 501c3 charity founded on a heartwarming story & a passionate objective: to bridge the gap between “I think I have hearing loss” and quality hearing healthcare while increasing inclusion and opportunities for those with hearing loss and deafness.

Let love be our greatest aim.

1 Corinthians 14:1

  • FREE Hearing Screenings
    FREE Hearing Screenings


  • Free Hearing Screening Events
    Free Hearing Screening Events


  • HEAR THE MUSIC KIDS CAMP FAMILIES - no cost to them!
    HEAR THE MUSIC KIDS CAMP FAMILIES - no cost to them!


  • Veterans Served
    Veterans Served


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What if you could live with more compassion this week and share love with other people in your community, country or even the world? Turns out, you can!

Navigating pre-teen social situations, social media, friendships and that four letter ugly word: BOYS, with a my hearing-impaired, cochlear implant daughter, Lexi, kind of smacked me in the face harder than anticipated. She's a child who is seemingly like her peers and is extremely poised, collected and confident when competing in sports or dancing in a performance. So when I went over her texts to classmates with her, I realized .... THE NEXT MILESTONE HAS ARRIVED. And then the moment happened which reminded me of the incredible trust we've established BECAUSE of her deafness and cochlear implant journey....she asked the question mommas long for (in true Lexi fashion), "Momma, will you teach me some swagger?"

Florida's RV SuperShow is January 16-20, 2019. This show is recognized as the greatest RV show in the country. Campers welcome, daily seminars, over 450 vendor booths and more than 1550 RVs covering 26 acres – it is a site to see! 

This year, they are bringing in a fantastic charity, Songs for Sound. Songs for Sound has many programs, however, their most extensive is The Hear the Music Project brings a mobile hearing health clinic to community sites throughout the nation, providing free hearing tests, hearing protection, and information on various hearing solutions available today.