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Hear the Music Movement

Hear the Music Hearing Health Virtual Event

Hear the Music Hearing Health Virtual Event

JOIN OUR MOVEMENT: Host a Songs for Sound Charity "HEAR THE MUSIC" EVENT

- we will provide a free hearing health testing kiosk

- every kiosk will be equipped with cleaning supplies and maintained

- results/resources are sent electronically to the participant's email address

- each person who has less than normal hearing will be given options to access affordable care

- any person in need of financial assistance can apply directly through our foundation for help/affordability

- we will deliver and pick up the kiosk to and from your location

- tech support is provided

- the opportunity to join our charity and movement is given at each hearing test taken

This will increase foot traffic to your location as we will advertise and provide free publicity for your organization as a Songs for Sound partner.

ANSI and ISO-EN compliant, assuring reliable and accurate outcomes. Same level of accuracy, same professional transducers, just lighter, less expensive, more portable and with long life battery

NOAH Certified
OtoPad is the first iPad based audiometer with NOAH integration built-in. You can export and import your Patient Data wherever you are as if you were in your office.

HIPAA Compliant
Patients Database storage is HIPAA compliant: your Patient Data is safe!


  • We believe people shouldn’t feel that they need a hearing aid. They should feel that they want one.
    We're Eargo. We’re on a mission to empower customers to feel good and make hearing easy. We are a company made up of ENT surgeons, industry professionals, tech geeks and dreamers working tirelessly to change hearing health, every day. … we stand united in our belief that people should be able to hear life to the fullest, without compromising their lifestyle, appearance or finances.