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Hope Programs

John Hardaway was a former board member, friend and cochlear implant recipient. After losing his hearing due to cancer treatments, John, a top national sales manager for Brown-Forman, found himself in a world full of communication, but he could no longer communicate with the world around him. When he received his cochlear implant surgery at Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center by the infamous Dr. David Haynes, as John's wife puts it "it gave him his life back."

John passed away in 2019 and we lost someone who forever left his imprint on our charity, service and the lives we've touched. His passion was helping people into hearing health solutions and sharing his story whenever asked to do so. 

Untreated hearing loss is devastating on a life. Nearly 500 million people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss.

Our pillars are AWARENESS, ACCESS, ACTION. We accomplish these goals by offering the following programs:

Outreach (free hearing tests - AWARENESS & ACCESS)

Care Team Support (guides and advocates walking people into ACTION)

Hope Programs (lifetime of support for people with hearing technology)

These Hardaway's Hope Programs will help people of all ages to thrive with hearing technology. Currently, we are building our our STUDENTS AND FAMILIES programs. Getting these students together, as our very own Lexi Vernon puts it "When I'm with others like me (with cochlear implants or hearing aids), I feel free."

Learn more about events and happenings below. 

Finally, as we build out our success model and proof that these programs are very important, we will focus on our HARDAWAY'S HOPE HOUSE. More to come soon on this vision.