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Hearing Health Program

DYK? Over 40 Million Adults and 32 Million Children live with Hearing Loss. Lexi Vernon, niece to "Uncle" Gary LeVox (lead singer, Rascal Flatts) was born deaf. Because of her parents persistence to get a diagnosis, Lexi can now hear. She is a bilateral cochlear implant recipient and went from total deafness to hearing a whisper and, yes, MUSIC. 

JOIN OUR MOVEMENT to help everyone across the globe have the gift of hearing and hearing music. 

Audiologists: More about The Sound Network

Audiologists repeatedly tell us they need support to reach out into their communities, but lack the time and know-how to host events, manage marketing and outreach campaigns and build necessary relationships to grow their practices. Alternatively, Songs for Sound has built the model around a better type of outreach. We build deep and meaningful relationships with people, businesses and organizations in communities.

The Sound Network is a network of Audiologists who are passionate about serving the needs of their communities and growing their business. We connect reputable and caring Audiologists with the people who need their help.

Through screening events, lead-referring kiosks in local pharmacies, doctors offices and more, PR campaigns and relationships with organizations, we help Audiologists stretch out their arms to their communities. We provide the toolkit and relationships, you serve the people.

When you join our Sound Network, you help ignite a hearing health movement in your community.

Join our Network, Become a Sponsor:
- Hearing Test/Kiosk Solutions in local businesses, pharmacies, physicians,
- Relationships With Songs for Sound Community Partners (local YMCAs, businesses, charities, doctors' offices)
- Lead Generation
- PR Campaign
- Community Event Outreach
- Hearing Mission Trip Opportunities
- Website Recognition

To Join our Network, we will discuss the right fit for you as an Audiologist. Sponsorship/Donation amounts range from $500-$10,000 depending on how big you want to grow your community network.

Contact for more information.