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4th of July, Hearing and our amazing Military

Let Freedom Ring! It's an iconic saying that reminds me of those who fought, sacrificed and died for my freedom to choose Christianity, choose my healthcare and choose to have my deaf child implanted bilaterally. 

This season, there's something I would like you to remember when considering the sacrifices made for our freedoms. It's called HEARING LOSS. It's a silent epidemic and the top two disabilities returning from overseas are:

- Tinnitus: Ringing of the ear and hearing loss

- Hearing loss

Once you've lived with someone with hearing loss, you'll understand the phrase I used "silent epidemic". It can frustrate couples. It can cause an adult to lose their job. It can cause someone to go through feelings of isolation and depression. It can contribute to dementia and alzheimers. 

Imagine a soldier returning from overseas only to be completely disconnected with everyone. They can't hear well, can't communicate and start to withdraw. Imagine that soldier not being able to hear "I love you daddy" whispered from his or her child. 

Loud decibels can either erase your hearing over time or can cause sudden hearing loss. 

My call to action this 4th of July is this:

1. WEAR hearing protection! If you think "is this too loud?" it is. Err on the side of caution.

2. Turn down volumes and take hearing breaks. 20 on, 20 off rule (20/20 rule). 

3. Consider a DONATION to our work with Veterans. We serve several large Vets organizations each year and it costs us thousands to not only enter those large events (space fees), but our daily operational costs of our mobile clinic is $1200.