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Songs for Sound & Florida RV SuperShow Team Up To Offer Guests A Special Type of Vehicle, A Mobile Hearing Clinic

JANUARY 15, 2019 (Tampa, Fl) ~ Songs for Sound, a a 501c3 charity founded on a heartwarming story & a passionate objective:  to provide awareness of hearing loss solutions, access to hearing loss testing and devices and encourage action for those suffering from hearing loss and deafness. Songs for Sound aims to provide everyone with an opportunity to live a mainstream life full of sound and language, and of course, MUSIC.

Florida's RV SuperShow is January 16-20, 2019. This show is recognized as the greatest RV show in the country. Campers welcome, daily seminars, over 450 vendor booths and more than 1550 RVs covering 26 acres – it is a site to see! 

This year, they are bringing in a fantastic charity, Songs for Sound. Songs for Sound has many programs, however, their most extensive is The Hear the Music Project brings a mobile hearing health clinic to community sites throughout the nation, providing free hearing tests, hearing protection, and information on various hearing solutions available today. 

Songs for Sound has been helping people with hearing loss access sound since 2010. Jaime
Vernon founded the charity after her daughter, Lexi, was born deaf and received the life-
changing ability to hear through cochlear implants at 19-months old. Now, age 11, Lexi's is thriving. She's an accomplished student/athlete and her hearing and speech is incredible. The passion for Jaime to continue to grow this movement is as big now as it ever was. 

“After years of raising awareness and helping families navigate what can be a frustrating
and cost-prohibitive hearing health system, we realized we need to do more to reach the
people who need our help,” says Vernon. “We created the Hear the Music Project to target
populations where hearing loss is common and often goes undetected – among veterans,
senior citizens, and underserved children. This quarter, our focus is on seniors and healthy hearing. The RV Show will not only allow us to reach all ages, but definitely our beloved seniors."

ausic Project has an overall referral rate
of 45 percent; meaning hearing loss is detected in more than 4 in 10 people screened. This
includes 85 percent of senior veterans, 59 percent of senior citizens, and 29 percent of children.
These individuals are counseled on site and referred for further audiology. Songs for
Sound follows up with each referral via e-mail to provide an audiology clinic finder and
answer questions.

“There are many options available today to restore sound and assist with communication
for people of all hearing levels. We encourage everyone to consider their choices and
understand the benefits of improved hearing so they can make the best decision for
themselves and their families,” says Vernon.

Cochlear Americas, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, is the Presenting Sponsor for the Hear the Music Project.  “Cochlear is proud to support Songs for Sound’s efforts that provide access to free hearing screenings, hearing health and hearing treatment information to thousands across the United States,” said Patricia Trautwein, audiologist and vice president of marketing and product management for Cochlear Americas.

To visit a full calendar of all the stops as The Hear the Music Project tours through Florida visit HERE.