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There are plenty of ways to cheer up somebody you love, many of them only involving your time.

It’s never too early to start teaching your children about the impact they can have in the world by spreading kindness.

83 percent of the 30 patients diagnosed with senile dementia also suffered from a significant hearing loss, higher than normally expected for that age group. However, there was some promising news that came out of that research: 33 percent of those with memory and hearing loss were reclassified to a less severe category of dementia once the hearing loss was treated with hearing aids.

We get so many emails and phone calls asking for help with a child's hearing aids. Insurance often does not cover devices that help a child hear to learn speech, learn to read and communicate with the world around them. This is unacceptable. Many states are inching closer with mandatory "reimbursements". This reimbursement is a stipend to help pay for hearing aids. This article from our friends at ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) breaks it down state-by-state.

As one of Songs for Sound's new board members, Chris is challenging the traditional role. He uses his humor and intelligence to win a room over, while also being deeply passionate about the military and services provided.

Patients were 20–50 years old and had no prior medical history of hearing problems. “The results of the current study showed that Covid-19 infection had deleterious effects on the hair cells in the cochlea,” the Egypt study concluded.

This back-to-school season, do more than simply prepare for a new school year—prepare teachers and staff for a student with hearing loss.

" is clear that the association between hearing and cognition is very real. This association emphasizes the need to improve our approach to testing and treating hearing loss."

You see the point of this entire blog really has little to do with softball and everything to do with our DECISION to encourage and love one another.

The cost of hearing loss can be expensive with the costs of medical exams, extensive specialized testing, hearing aids, communication assistance devices and possible surgical procedures. ... Most people that receive SSDI benefits for hearing loss do so because they meet the SSA’s disability listings in the Blue Book, which is the SSA medical guide for determining what classifies as a full and permanent disability.

But God keeps reminding me through these sweet, gentle nudges — “have faith child... I have ARMIES of ANGELS around MY children.”

Like any other muscle, a brain needs to be exercised, stretched and challenged to stay strong and avoid atrophy. This can only happen if you have healthy hearing and ears. 

But, to me, it's the small miracles and milestones which feel more like a whisper from God because they come when you least expect them; and they often happen during your quiet times of REST. To me, these are God's reminders to keep His wind beneath us in order to keep the large miracles in motion.

SIMPLY PUT, it's time to think about how dependent you are on your ears to be healthy as ever. Ask yourself, without healthy hearing, fully-functioning ears and preserved brain health, would I be able to work and learn like this every day? Well, then, it's time to get serious about protecting these important resources! 

I glanced through a list of all of Lexi's grades for the year. For each class, I noted a short list of goals based on areas she was weaker through the school year. For example, 

I reviewed her grades and teacher's comments on her report cards..... THEN, I broke it all down by SUBJECT.

This weekend February 28 - March 1st, Songs for Sound, a 501c3 based out of Nashville, TN will host its annual Hear the Music Kids Camp, sponsored by Phonak.

Our camp provides a no-cost weekend for 32 families to come together, laugh together, cry together, be together. It allows families to share and care and find support for challenges they're facing while finding healing by sharing their own successes to a family in crisis. 

I see you when you smile at the JOYFUL SOUND OF MUSIC. I see you when you are so THANKFUL for the gift of not only HEARING music, but also the ability to SING ALONG to that glorious sound most of us take for granted.

Trust that YOU were CALLED. Trust that your CHILD WAS CALLED. You are being handed the greatest responsibilities and the very things you think will keep you from your calling will be the things GOD RAISES UP FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Those are the things HE WILL USE. 

Today, however, here's how you can make a dent in the problem. Let's stop belittling the #3 health problem in America. Let's stop making light of something that can have serious side effects. Let's start to advocate for our family members and help them take action. And during the holidays, let's be SENSITIVE and HELPFUL..TIPS INSIDE!


If I focus on the TRANSITION and what we are learning, what we are experiencing, the MOMENTS, then I can appreciate the good and the bad.

The Hearoes Tour travels the nation to raise AWARENESS, increase ACCESS and encourage ACTION around hearing loss, the number one service-related injury affecting veterans

Watching an athlete with hearing loss navigate & face challenges can be rewarding and also heartbreaking at times. Help them learn to ADVOCATE for themselves. This COACHING TIPS one-sheet is great for the athlete to review with their coaches.

Vernon continues, "I wanted every American to have awareness and access to QUALITY hearing healthcare. I wanted Americans to know how important hearing and spoken language is. I wanted to encourage all Americans to take ACTION."

Here's the deal. You cannot afford to miss these appointments. Didn't you fight for your child to have hearing? Didn't you advocate for your parent to get those hearing aids? We are all not yet at the finish line, folks. We've started the race, but we're in the middle. We are pacing ourselves right now. The finish line is something of a dream. We have to accept that we're going to be in the middle of the race for a very long time. Become okay with exercise. 

Now, teen and tween years are here. What's more challenging than hormonal teens? Easy ... hormonal teens with hearing loss. Mental fatigue and raging hormones can knock a momma flat on her back. 

So here it is... the greatest challenge of them all. Watching your hearing impaired child navigate friendships and independence. One of the greatest pieces of advice I can give you is this.... LET THEM LIVE IT. 

Imagine a soldier returning from overseas only to be completely disconnected with everyone. They can't hear well, can't communicate and start to withdraw. Imagine that soldier not being able to hear "I love you daddy" whispered from his or her child. 

Planning an Independence Day gathering should be about creating community, not a source of stress. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to throw a party your guests will rave about.

It's an amazing life-methaphor we live in this world of hearing loss, we feel like no one is listening to us or helping during the times of our lives, or our child's life, when there is silence or little sound. We look around asking for help, seeking answers trying to find a way to HEAR. 

This month, May, is Better Hearing and Speech Month. So, what better way to help others move into their own hearing journey than ask the girl behind our mission, Lexi, herself? Someone who has and still lives in a world of silence and a world of sound.

MAY is BETTER HEARING AND SPEECH MONTH: Our movement is based on a simple notion: IMAGINE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT THE GIFT OF HEARING MUSIC. A set of lyrics that help you heal when you lose a loved one. A song that allows you to endure that breakup. Your wedding song. Your break up song. Your graduation song. Your 'I just beat cancer' song. 

It's time! The Hear the Music Gala is our night to share our work with our donors and engage new Nashvillians with our work to help those living with deafness or are hard of hearing (HOH) to HEAR. 

The night is full of back to back fun and entertainment, so this is for guests to understand what to expect, what to wear, how to bid and more! 

Music and lyrics help us HEAL. Music and lyrics help us connect with each other. We get to dance, laugh and love through MUSIC. 

But did you know MUSIC can be an incredible tool for auditory & speech therapy?

ALL THE AWESOMENESS in the big and small things are to remind us how amazing God is.... life isn't always going to be rainbows and sunshines. Some days, you'll experience the blindness and deafness of life. So take time to SLOW DOWN and see the AWESOMENESS of God in all the small things each day, because those moments will create a humility inside of you to get through each day with GRATITUDE and a good attitude!

Our March 2019 Newsletter about The Hear the Music Project, Hear the Music Gala, Kids Camp, Mission trip and more...

Caitlyn Fisher is an 18 year old Nashville high school student who enjoys breaking each and every "disability" stereotype.

Despite being diagnosed with profound hearing loss & communicating via hearing aids and spoken language, Caitlyn has won a Leadership Scholarship at her dream school, Samford, and mentors freshman students at her high school's internship program.

Navigating pre-teen social situations, social media, friendships and that four letter ugly word: BOYS, with a my hearing-impaired, cochlear implant daughter, Lexi, kind of smacked me in the face harder than anticipated. She's a child who is seemingly like her peers and is extremely poised, collected and confident when competing in sports or dancing in a performance. So when I went over her texts to classmates with her, I realized .... THE NEXT MILESTONE HAS ARRIVED. And then the moment happened which reminded me of the incredible trust we've established BECAUSE of her deafness and cochlear implant journey....she asked the question mommas long for (in true Lexi fashion), "Momma, will you teach me some swagger?"

Florida's RV SuperShow is January 16-20, 2019. This show is recognized as the greatest RV show in the country. Campers welcome, daily seminars, over 450 vendor booths and more than 1550 RVs covering 26 acres – it is a site to see! 

This year, they are bringing in a fantastic charity, Songs for Sound. Songs for Sound has many programs, however, their most extensive is The Hear the Music Project brings a mobile hearing health clinic to community sites throughout the nation, providing free hearing tests, hearing protection, and information on various hearing solutions available today. 

Studies have shown that people with hearing loss wait an average of seven years before getting hearing aids. Why? Stigma associated with appearing old is one commonly cited reason. But there’s another, simpler reason: inertia. The Bachelor Australia host Osher Günsberg waited more than a decade. But when he finally got high-end hearing aids, his life improved dramatically.

Songs for Sound proudly announces the addition of Continuum Financial's Chris Robinette to its impressive board of directors.


20,000 PEOPLE GIVEN FREE HEARING TESTS. 20K in just 3.5 years. 20K because of a little girl, a passionate mom and some of the most loyal sponsors and donors in the world. Whether you've given $20 or $200,000, this is for YOU. Thank you. Congratulations. You are this mission....ENJOY.

Why am I blogging about #11? That's right. TODAY, December 5th, marks my daughter's 11th birthday. Usually moms will share milestones at 1, 5, 10, 13, etc. But 11, 9, 8, all of the birthdays we have year over year mean so much to us. 

After I received the reluctant referral to an Audiologist, we heard the news, "Lexi is profoundly deaf." The next five minutes would not only transform Lexi's life, but also ignited a passion in me to start Songs for Sound. "Your child is likely a great candidate for a cochlear implant. It's a surgically implanted device that can bring back sound to the deaf."

We met Daniel at age 1 ½ and had no idea that the little boy who stole our hearts couldn’t even hear us say his name. 

October is Breast Cancer and Audiology Awareness Month. How can you get involved?

Lachlan’s Cochlear implant definitely opened up a new exciting chapter in his life.  Lachlan now attends a main stream school which is set up with a rogar system,  has a teacher of the deaf who visits him weekly and he continues to have speech therapy once a night.  Early Intervention at Taralye, the oral language centre for deaf children here in Australia, definitely helped shaped Lachlan’s future.  He attended Taralye from a baby until he was 5 years old.

Lachlan just loves his ‘Super Ear’!