The Sound Network

The Sound Network

DYK? Over 40 Million Adults and 32 Million Children live with Hearing Loss.

It's going to take EVERYONE to help them Hear. 

We're your Charity Concierge for hearing services. Your conduit from "I need help" to "I can HEAR!" OUR AAA creed is AWARENESS, ACCESS & ACTION. YOU are the reason you hear. YOU hold are the decision-maker and YOU are the one who benefits from good decisions. Therefore, Songs for Sound is working to release new programs to support, inform and love on YOU no matter who you are. 

Businesses who want HEALTHY HEARING. 

Audiologists who want a CHARITY PARTNER & to conduct OUTREACH in their Communities.

PEOPLE who need help finding an Audiologist or Hearing Technology.

Charities who want our Outreach secrets & success.


All YOU have to do is PARTNER WITH US. YOU will receive benefits such as:

  • Hear the Music Project Event & Clinic 
  • Local Outreach Event Coordination
  • Press Releases and Marketing Support
  • State-of-the-Art Hearing Software
  • Discounts on Hearing Products
  • Access to Hearing Healthcare Coverage

Stay tuned for details on The Sound Network.

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