Important Links

These are valuable links to websites that will give you more information and resources for hearing loss & deafness.

  • Local Audiology Clinics are a great place to start your journey to HEAR! For Mild to Moderate hearing loss, many local Audiology clinics are well-equipped and prepared to diagnose and treat your needs. However, like with all medical professions, you want to be in the right hands. This clinic finder will help you narrow down your search.

  • Severe to profound hearing loss really should be diagnosed, evaluated and treated at an ENT practice with Audiologists on staff. These Audiologists work with an ENT to determine the root of the significant hearing loss and provide solutions to get you back to a healthy hearing and active lifestyle!

  • Navigating the VA can be tricky. Here's your resource if you have VA benefits to find a VA Audiologist and get the help you need.

  • If you're a Veteran and don't know what hearing services will be covered, has put together a great article to help you learn more!

  • Find out more on hearing loss prevention, protecting your ears, maintaining normal hearing and healthy brain function!

  • Exhausted from listening all day? Normal hearing or hearing loss can have mental exhaustion. Here are tips to have a healthy hearing life.

  • Phonak