Ahh, to FM or not to FM. When my daughter Lexi was implanted and immediately began to open up and HEAR a whisper, speak and catch up to her normal hearing peers, I thought "who needs an FM system?"

Then, she started mainstream school. While she attends a private school with smaller classrooms, I quickly learned that group work, classroom discussions and more could really affect how clearly Lexi would hear each day.

Then, at a cochlear implant conference more for my job as Director of Songs for Sound, I suddenly went into "broken-hearted mom" mode. I sat in on a conference on the importance of FM systems. I had been bucking the idea for years. "She hears a WHISPER! She scores so well in the booth at Audiology! Why would she need anything else?"

The data and research once noise is added to a hearing aid or cochlear implant recipeient's day is pretty overwhelming. Cochlear's mini-mic, for example, can allow a recipient to hear over 90% compared to 60-70% without it. 

Put those stats into a classroom or a boardroom; or for you sales people, into a business meeting in a coffee shop:

3 to 4 out of 10 words are missed. Multiply that over the amount spoken over an hour or an entire school day and that is ENORMOUS!

So, I started to research the FM SYSTEM world. Here's what our family uses:


  • MINI MIC - The mini mic is a personal FM. These are great for activities such as Sunday school, sports, lessons, etc. Larger FM systems for classrooms are sound towers. 

***REMEMBER COCHLEAR IMPLANT RECIPIENTS: when upgrading to a new processor, you can opt for this to be an ACCESSORY which comes with   your upgrade kit. 

  • ROGER DYNAMO SOUND TOWER - The research shows how much it benefits ALL children in the classroom. It's a tower that is placed in the classroom. The teacher wears a mic around her neck. Lexi has them in all four classrooms. 
  • TEACHERS LOVE the Sound Towers because they experience far less vocal fatigue. It amplifies the teacher's voice for all students. ALL STUDENTS BENEFIT FROM THE SOUND TOWER. 

***Also, Cochlear Americas processors: opt for the version with a port. You can order a small connector and it will fit into the port of your processor. Then, you'll receive DIRECT feed from that sound tower (goes directly from the mic into her processor).

  • Roger Pen - this personal FM literally looks like a pen. Perfect for hearing aid or cochlear implant recipients, the pen However, it requires use of a transmitter with the port also. 
  • Cochlear's TV Streamer and Phone Streamer - both of these stream sound directly from a TV or phone into your implant. When sound bypasses external noise and goes directly into your implant, you will receive best benefits of hearing every word! 

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