Cochlear Implants & Implantable Solutions

A Cochlear Implant is a device that can be surgically implanted into a person's cochlea to stimulate it to cause hearing. It consists of a tiny receiver which is placed under the skin in the bony part behind the ear.

For more information, visit COCHLEAR AMERICAS website and find out if you are a candidate.


  • 360 MILLION people worldwide have a DISABLING HEARING LOSS
  • a COCHLEAR IMPLANT RESTORES sound to those who have a severe-to-profound loss. (Imagine REPLACING hair cells that no longer work)
  • Today, we are only treating 5% of people who can benefit from cochlear implants (Cochlear Americas, 2010)
  • Only 10% of cochlear implant recipients report they received information about cochlear implant options from their hearing aid audiologist or hearing aid professional (Cochlear Americas, 2010).
  • Less than 100,000 severe-profoundly deaf individuals have cochlear implants worldwide, however, there are 1 – 1.2 million candidates (Cochlear Americas, 2010).
  • Nearly half of children with hearing loss have additional disabilities other than deafness making the cochlear implant a vital tool for communication.

***A DEAF CHILD who is NOT implanted, receives a lifetime of specialized services that lifetime cost is over $1,000,000.

However, a DEAF CHILD who IS implanted, receives a limited amount of speech therapy and audiology services that, over the course of a few years, costs approximately only $200,000.