HEAR the MUSIC Project and Tour

DYK? On average, it takes seven years from “I think I have a hearing loss” to getting help.

The Hear the Music Project is a 365 day, MISSION PROJECT & Tour.


It's a comprehensive, NO COST interactive hearing health experience focused on the following:

  • Awareness - We educate on hearing loss & deafness, solutions, technologies, Audiologists and ENTs.
  • Access - We provide no cost testing solutions, free electronic & hard copies of results and a care package of information to equip participants to take charge of their hearing and ears.
  • Action - We encourage action through a consultative approach. SFS staff & volunteers with hearing aids and cochlear implants encourage action by providing information from kiosks, telling stories of hope and giving love. 

We believe it is critical to equip people with the power to use existing hearing healthcare infrastructure such as Audiology & ENT centers to pursue optimal care. We believe the only sustainable model is to EMPOWER individuals to take action on their health. There are incredible resources available for all demographics, economic situations and even those in hardship.  We don't discriminate against anyone. We serve every age, gender, race, religious  & socio-economic demographic.

Our Hear the Music Project & mobile clinic tours the nation with over 250 event stops every year, providing 10,000 - 15,000 people a year with:

  2. NO COST HEARING PROTECTION at all events including special partnerships with traditionally loud events (auto races, air shows & more)
  3. NO COST CONSULTATION, kits and connections to the best technology, connections to local hearing centers
  4. FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, information on hearing benefits, health insurance navigation and support
  5. HARDSHIP PROGRAMS; when funding is not an option, we support those in hardship connecting them to partners offering no cost hearing aids, cochlear implants, caption-telephones and more
  6. FOLLOW UP; we never leave you. We continue to follow up through various means of communication for all who opt-in

You can get tested, find an audiologist and demo hearing technologies in just minutes aboard the clinic. You will walk away with printed results from your hearing exam, a clinic finder and a checklist of next steps depending on your hearing level. 

Click links below for Next Steps of Care:

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