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After I received the reluctant referral to an Audiologist, we heard the news, "Lexi is profoundly deaf." The next five minutes would not only transform Lexi's life, but also ignited a passion in me to start Songs for Sound. "Your child is likely a great candidate for a cochlear implant. It's a surgically implanted device that can bring back sound to the deaf."

We met Daniel at age 1 ½ and had no idea that the little boy who stole our hearts couldn’t even hear us say his name. 

October is Breast Cancer and Audiology Awareness Month. How can you get involved?

Lachlan’s Cochlear implant definitely opened up a new exciting chapter in his life.  Lachlan now attends a main stream school which is set up with a rogar system,  has a teacher of the deaf who visits him weekly and he continues to have speech therapy once a night.  Early Intervention at Taralye, the oral language centre for deaf children here in Australia, definitely helped shaped Lachlan’s future.  He attended Taralye from a baby until he was 5 years old.

Lachlan just loves his ‘Super Ear’! 

"When people think of hearing loss and partial deafness, they immediately think about a quiet world that they will be forced to live in. In some cases that cannot be further from the truth. Few people realize that noise-induced deafness results in a loud, annoying sound inside one's head that just never quits. It interferes with sleep, watching TV, listening to people and reading a book, almost all facets of daily living. So, loss of hearing does not equal a quiet day of fishing during our retirement years. It can be a screaming inside our heads that never stops." (Tinnitus!)

- Contact an ENT physician who is educated about tinnitus.
- Go on-line and use the key word "tinnitus." You'll be surprised at the number of websites that are available. A word of caution when you do this: There are enterprising people out there who make claims of a "cure" for tinnitus and they want your money.
- Contact the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) at 800-634-8978 or click onto its website,, and consider becoming a member. The ATA offers a large amount of reliable information to those with tinnitus.
According to recent news from the ATA, "The ATA received requests from U.S. congressional committees to give expert written testimony on a bill under consideration. The Veterans Hearing Loss Compensation Act mentioned tinnitus specifically as a condition for veteran disability compensation. Through deliberations, senators and representatives gained a much greater understanding of tinnitus, including its impact on the 50 million Americans with tinnitus, its causes including excessive noise exposures…and the critical need for tinnitus research."

- TRT worked for me. It may work for you. Most TRT clinics can be located through the Internet. There are clinics in New Haven, CT; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Phoenix, AZ; Portland, OR and other locations in the United States,
- Contact the IAFF in Washington, D.C. and request the booklet Fire and Emergency Service Hearing Conservation Program. IAFF Resolution Number 86 outlines the Health Hazard Evaluation and recommendations for reducing hearing damage to firefighters.

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FACT: 1 of the 7 Top Side of Effects of Cancer Treatments is ... HEARING LOSS.

Fundraisers are an important way to give back to your school and raise money to support causes you care about. However, fundraisers aren’t the only way to get involved.

Minneapolis, MN, August 23, 2018 – Songs for Sound, a Nashville-based charity working to protect and restore hearing for the 360 million people worldwide that suffer from hearing loss, brings a free hearing health clinic to the 100th American Legion National Convention on Aug. 24th- 30th.

Whether they’re your closest family or a complete stranger, there are lots of simple ways to bring joy to others every single day. So, we came up with 10.

Right now, as you have a vision. You need to really dive into your mission. What is your purpose and IS THERE A NEED?

I’m constantly preaching “use your story”, “do something with your testimony” and “change the world”, so it’s time I give back something different so others can give back something different. I’m gonna write far more on the topic of starting, managing, and operating a charity.

On Lexi’s hearing birthday, let’s honor her by thanking all the “village people” who help us care of our own needs and the needs of our children.

I’m telling every person with hearing loss technology that persistence, going as hard as you can and testing your limits in ALL phases of rehabilitation is absolutely the key. These things aren’t just the key to HEARING optimally, they are the keys to LIVING LIFE optimally.

The 4th of July is a spectacular display of beauty and booms representing the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms here in the incredible United States OF AMERICA.

As I think of how representative that is with our story. God gave us a little girl who had to go through so much which has allowed us to go out and serve this great country each and every day. To date, we've provided over 17,000 FREE HEARING SCREENINGS and handed out of 35,000 pieces of FREE hearing protection!

LEXI VERNON is a 10 year old cochlear implant recipient. She is deaf, but can HEAR.

BLOG SNEAK PEAK: Here's what I've learned in all of this. Each time we go through this storm. Each time we endure the wind and is PREPARATION. It is God actually loving you so much, He wants to prepare you for His calling on your life!


SONGS FOR SOUND - Helping people Hear Again!

Songs for Sound is a 501c3 charity founded on a heartwarming story and a passionate objective: to provide AWARENESS OF hearing loss solutions, ACCESS TO hearing loss testing and devices and encourage ACTION for those suffering from hearing loss and deafness. Songs for Sound aims to provide everyone with an opportunity to live a mainstream life full of sound and language, and of course, MUSIC. The story culminated with 14 month old Lexi’s deafness was missed after her parents repeatedly begged for answers.

If you’re considering volunteering with a cause you care about in the community, consider the benefits you can receive. Here are the top eight benefits of volunteering.

"Jaime, it's Paul (our amazing tour manager). I am so sorry to tell you our trailer was broken into and most of our equipment is gone." Paul sadly expressed. "And while I'm on a roll, unfortunately, our truck check engine light came on again which will require repairs."

Here's where I just sat and stared. The very people I'm trying to change tried to stop that very mission. The loss is over $10,000 in technology, equipment & replacing our door; not to mention the events we can't do right now; and to top it off, we need to also fix our truck.

Summertime is for sand, sun, sunscreen and WATER! Summer parties for adults and children can be a blast, however, when you're using hearing technology, it can be a stressful if you don't take proper precautions. My blog post here should help get ready for a low-stress, happy hearing summer!

Mentoring a child helps them to see unlimited possibilities for the future, learn something new and most importantly, realize that somebody cares about them.

If you strive to live an altruistic lifestyle, there are plenty of gifts you can give your loved one on Mother’s Day that also give back to others in the community.

Teenagers are our future; by building them up and encouraging them—even if they’re not our own children—we can create a better future for generations to come.

But, that’s where the story transforms from the birth of our new baby girl and a wave of medical experiences in the hospitals to overcoming fears, obstacles, and providing the best possible life for Winnie – because, you see, she was now profoundly deaf.

"As Keddon walked closer, he finally glanced up. His eyes briefly saw me as he shifted his head back towards the ground and after it immediately hit him, he quickly looked back up, his eyes as big as saucers. He ran towards me with his arms stretched open wide. WE HUGGED EACH OTHER SO TIGHTLY in a way we both needed. LOVE. We speak very different languages; I use English spoken language, he uses JSL, Jamaica Sign Language. But we both speak another language: LOVE. "

Songs for Sound, a 501c3 charity, serves everyone across the USA by educating, screening and assisting navigation of hearing healthcare services. Mobile hearing clinic, Kids Camp, Sound for Soldiers and more, SFS helps everyone HEAR the Music.

What do I mean "somewhere in between"? Well, Lexi and all her deaf/HOH peers who choose technology are hearing. But they're deaf. But they hear. But they don't. I know it sounds like a cat and mouse game when I say it like that, but when you live it, that's exactly what it feels like in most social, academic or athletic environments. I remember a long time ago, I read an article written by an adult cochlear implant recipient. He referred to it so simply: "I'm not hearing, I'm not deaf...I'm Bionic."

Black History Month is a time to remember, celebrate and commemorate the achievements and contributions by African-American men and women throughout U.S. history.

If you want to live a more altruistic life, how can you commemorate Dr. King and continue his legacy? Here are ideas to get started this Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Songs for Sound, a Nashville-based nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people living with hearing loss, is making it's way across Florida in January and February offering free hearing health services to the public.

The Hear the Music Project brings a mobile hearing health clinic to community sites throughout the nation, providing free hearing tests, hearing protection, and information on various hearing solutions available today. Industry leaders Cochlear Americas, the leader in cochlear implants, and Phonak, leader in hearing aids, sponsor the project with partners such as Otohub offering advanced screening technology.

One can't begin to understand how overwhelming it is to be surrounded by crowded rooms, noisy venues or homes, and try to cope with hearing loss.

To make family members feel both understood and welcome, it's a great idea to CONSIDER their NEEDS at Christmas. We buy our children gifts necessary for school, sports and recreation, so why not consider a hearing need?

Showing consideration for someone with hearing loss not only allows them to be OKAY with their circumstance, but it also flat out is KIND.

Here are some cool gift ideas we put together for a family member or friend with hearing loss! Let's start with ADULTS and then we'll talk about our KIDS.

As we dive into the season of giving this month, let’s explore how the very action of giving can lead to a more altruistic life, improve our mood and even makes us happy.

Ahh, to FM or not to FM. When my daughter Lexi was implanted and immediately began to open up and HEAR a whisper, speak and catch up to her normal hearing peers, I thought "who needs an FM system?"
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Gratitude is about more than taking a second to say “Thanks.” Gratitude shows true appreciation. This Thanksgiving, we have some ideas for how you can give gratitude.

This month looks at the world through the eyes of a child, so today we look at how you can recognize National Child Safety and Protection Month, and keep the children in your life safe.

Tutors help students young and old to better their education, improve their skills and gain more success in a field of their choice. Why should you consider becoming a tutor?

Oh my gosh I'm so excited to share this information with you today. Our kids deserve us to be innovators and thinkers and we should be looking one year, three years, five years ahead for them. WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU...can dramatically change your child's therapy. In just the first week, Lexi's did a total 180 and her writing skills, reading comp & more developed!

So whatever storms that rage, winds that blow or rain that pours onto your life and relationships...or even on your CHILDREN, remember that in order to be trusted with "more", we need to be taking care of the "less" we currently have. ADVERSITY.

Vernon and Clark then worked hand-in-hand with members of Phonak customer care, product management, and the Sonova distribution center in Aurora, Ill, to expedite the shipping of products and accessories. Clark recounted the following story:

“When I first arrived in Houston, I went to the Lakewood Church. There was a gentleman there that had lost his hearing aids and his glasses in the flood and was having trouble communicating. He gave me the name of his audiology clinic and I told him I would be back with hearing aids for him. I reached out to Jaime and she jumped into action and overnighted hearing aids to me. I came back to Houston with his aids and as soon as he saw me, he jumped up and gave me a great big hug. One of the other volunteers took him to the audiologist the next day for programming.”

STORMS IN LIFE WILL RAGE...become who God made you to be and allow Him to PREPARE you for your PURPOSE.

You know what I’m talking about. That call from your doctor with less than perfect news, or the fight with your spouse, or sibling rivalry drop down, drag out fights. These are normal, every day things that happen to everyone. Everyday people find out someone they love has died. Everyday people find out their car repairs are the upwards of $1500. Everyday, people find out they lost their job.

But there’s something different when you add to the mix, raising special needs children. I have two special needs kids. My daughter Lexi, most of you know, is bilaterally deaf. She is a cochlear implant recipient. Lexi seems to be like every other kid, talks like every other kid, acts like every other kid…but what you don’t see is the complete and total mental exhaustion from listening thru a device all day. You don’t see the hours we spend dissecting language or pre-teaching vocabulary before it’s taught in class. You don’t see how we spend time on a grease board teaching her softball and basketball plays because she processes sound & information differently. You don’t see the hours spent working with Learning Services to coordinate her needs. And you don’t see the time she spends in tutoring because she missed out on two years of language....

What happens when a child is void of SOUND and LANGUAGE? How do you navigate the school-age time when delays start to rear their ugly heads again? This is for YOU.

If you haven't read the previous post titled "Preparing Deaf & HOH Athletes: Assistive Technology & Rights", then please do here:

Whether there are issues like what we faced with Lexi and use of her hearing technology, parents/coaches upset over bad calls or a child who has inherited a bad coach....I think NOW is a very good time to remind EVERYONE why we have our children play athletics.

You need to meet DJ. One of the greats. An exceptional human-being, man and UMPIRE. Read on....

I knew it would come. The day my daughter faced some sort of discrimination for two things. First, the fact that she may sit your child down with three strikes, or she may block their shot. And two, the helicopter parent that question the use of a device that allows her to HEAR on the field as a mask for what’s really bothering the parent.. their child just struck out. Awful sounding, right? But it happened to Lexi.

I authored this piece as a BLUEPRINT for everyone with hearing loss and deafness to know how to handle the situation. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS & what to do if it happens to you or your child!

There are lots of worthy nonprofits out there who need financial support, so how can you pick just one? Today, we're here to help you learn how to choose the right charity for donating.

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Lexi and her parents estimate that she was born with hearing loss; however, they didn't have a definitive answer until she was 14 months old. Lexi never received a newborn hearing screening and the tests following that were inconclusive. Finally, when she was 10 months old, Lexi's dad knew something wasn't right, and she was diagnosed with hearing loss four months later.

"My parents are the reason we finally found out I was deaf and they thought cochlear implants were the best option for me live a very normal life," says Lexi. "Boy were they right!

I have no idea what life was like before I had my cochlear implants because I was a baby and don't really remember. But I can tell you what it's like now when I take off my cochlear implants! When I have them on I can hear my friends laugh, the sound of a basketball dribble, and my coach talking to me. When they are off, I get peace and quiet from my brother."

Great Accomplishments

Even at her young age, Lexi has accomplished so much with the help of her cochlear implants.

"With my cochlear implants, I have accomplished being able to use speech and to talk," she says. "I play on two sports teams where I'm a center in basketball and fast pitch pitcher in softball. I love singing and music, and I get to go to a regular school.

Better hearing has helped Lexi excel in her own life, and now she and her family pass that gift onto others!

"My mom started a charity called Songs for Sound," says Lexi. "We serve all over the USA with a free hearing clinic and I get to volunteer there when it's in Tennessee. But my favorite mission work was when we went to a deaf school in Jamaica. We gave all the kids at the Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf their first hearing tests and hearing aids! I got to teach a boy to talk and use his voice! He was repeating sentences after me."

Why Lexi is a HearStrong Champion

Lexi is a HearStrong Champion because she has made it a priority in her life to help others with hearing loss get the treatment they need and feel confident in their hearing devices.

When asked how she feels about being a HearStrong Champion, Lexi says, "I feel so happy because I can help others! I don't want anyone to feel scared when they get their hearing aids or cochlear implants turned on. I want to tell them, 'It's okay! Don't be afraid! You are good.'"

Songs for Sound, your Nashville-based and very patriotic hearing charity, urges you to protect your family's ears this July 4th holiday season!

If you want to celebrate this Independence Day with an altruistic twist, check out some of these ideas for how you can give back to your community near and far.

When things are busy, wellness often takes a backseat to other priorities. Luckily, today we thought of a couple ways to bring it back to the forefront of your life.

If you’re looking for a way to get in shape and get involved in the community, we’ve got you covered. Here are five reasons to run for a charity this summer.

How can we celebrate this day while remembering those among us in different situations? Today we’re going to talk about how to give Dad the gift of altruism this Father’s Day.

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